Let Manor at Berkeley Springs be your escape sanctuary for a getaway filled with adventure. Here you’ll find a wide choice of activities to provide you with the thrill of visiting and a little in relaxation on the side. Situated in Berkeley Springs is the gateway to a rich menu of different experiences that appeal to all interests.

Cacapon State Park is just a stone’s throw away and a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Laced with hiking trails, bird-watching opportunities and lovely picnic spots, the great outdoors beckon you to explore. The park’s recreational facilities, such as golf and fishing, provide a perfect mix of both calm leisure and action-packed adventure.

For a peaceful retreat, our spa offers a paradise of tranquility. Lose yourself in the joys of massage or take a healthy, refreshing spa treatment as the strains of daily life slowly melt away. Our trained staff is committed to providing a complete holistic experience that will leave you feeling renewed and revitalized.

Explore the thriving arts and cultural scene of Berkeley Springs, world-famous for its galleries, studios and live performances. Meet local artists; browse through original exhibitions; absorb the atmosphere of creativity which is now synonymous with this delightful small town.

On the estate grounds, you will find our fitness center and swimming pool. These facilities provide an opportunity to stay active and refreshed, whether you walk in the mornings or enjoy leisurely swims.

At Manor at Berkeley Springs, every guest looks for something different. That is why our wide range of different activities caters to people with different preferences and guarantees there’s something for everyone, building an experience that people will remember and associate with the name of our house: ‘sanctuary.’ Whether you are a nature aficionado, a culture vulture, or simply looking to relax–this is it!